My 1st photoshoot

This photo shoot was in May of this year (2015) and was my 1st ever .  I had the privilege of photographing this sweet little girl for her 1st birthday.  I also decided to use these images for my final in one of my  digital photography classes.  I shot with natural light and a diffuser (seen in featured image before editing) .  As I am posting this I realize I have not made a real effort to try and do another of these but with more creativity.  I learned a few things in this shoot and i will share.

1st :  I took wayyyyy to many pictures ! I shot her 2 days in a row and had more than 4 THOUSAND images from which less than 50 were good or acceptable.  So in the future , I will give my shooting more thought.  Shoot right and keep it reasonable.

2nd : The sun can kill a shoot if you do not manage the light correctly.  This afternoon was BURNING hot and I shot for 3 hrs under direct afternoon sunlight.  It was hard to avoid shadows and the heat had us exhausted (even though sweet Valentina was a champion and never cried or complained) and creativity left my brain after being dehydrated.

3rd: P A T I E N C E – work with the light, look for the correct position of your light source and poses.

I will definitely have to do this again and hopefully the next time around my images will be more Fun !