Dry but able


During the past few weeks I have had plenty of time, maybe too much time to think about the ironies of life.  Do you know it took me all these years to finally find what I love to do? Yep ! At the “tender” (not) age of 44 I realized I wanted to be a photographer.  With this came the reality faced by many creatives : This is a hard and many times lonely path to take.  So in the deepness of my sad financial and somewhat non business savvy dry spell I decided to go back to the beginnings of my portfolio class.  Remembering the pressures yet also the relief of putting my creativeness online and blogging.  Yes because we photographers need to blog to keep our online presence valuable. So why not do it now ? Today I made sure as soon as I woke up to make it my responsibility to blog.  Blog with a meaning .  What to blog about ? And suddenly it hit me ! As I looked towards my counter and saw my beautiful -but dry- flowers, I realized, I was already thinking it.


These flowers were sitting on my counter since my portfolio exhibition in November.  The final class to present our 10 image Portfolio that would be hung for a year in the Cocoa Campus was the beginning of becoming a “real artist”.  Our professor Marilyn Cook guided us through the pains of being a professional and we were demanded to blog. We put our work out there blogging and posting until the moment came.  My sister sent me flowers from Puerto Rico showing her support and it meant the world to me.


Almost seven months and no blogging, and waiting for the perfect moment to arrange the flowers to photograph them.  I wanted to use them for a “special project”.  I wanted to make a special image not just any photo.  Yet they were on the counter for months. The flowers were still roses, they were still beautiful.  They still are.  So what exactly was I waiting for ? Why was the moment never right ? When was I going to photograph them ?

Oh I had many excuses. Many reasons to wait ! I needed a new lens. I needed a new web page. I was saving them for my new light table. I would use them as a special prop. They were not dry enough and the list went on.   Today I realized these excuses were a reflection of my work in general.  I needed to photograph them and capture them NOW.  These roses are beautiful now. Today is the day I needed to photograph them.  Today was the day I needed to see the beauty in them.  Today they are good enough to photograph.  My roses are dry but they are able.  Just like my roses I am able.

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