“Smokey Dreams”

Soooo my “final dance” is coming into form and tonight will be the final images going on display in Exhibition Dec 9th.  This has been a hard journey but I am so in love with photography more every day.  Join me in watching my final images be chosen… thanks so much to all my models and everyone who helped.  Enjoy the smoke dance… enjoy my smokey dreams and please leave a comment if you like





These 3 images were shot previously but after deleting (No idea how) more than 300 images I shot last week. I decided to go back and choose better images.  I think these are clearer, sharper and the smoke shows better what do you think ?? CC welcome !

man smoking

man smoking

diane1st_8x10_102115 yesenibetter_8x10_102115

Smoke? What can I say ?! This is my portfolio subject for my final in my class.  How did I end up with this ? Well it was a transition from speed photography intent.  I practiced with all kinds of smoke like candles , matches and paper. Hundreds of “failed” images later I ended up with the intent to capture the “glamour” that was seen in the past with smokers.  I do not smoke but I am an ex-smoker.  I am fascinated by low key and capturing the romance of smoke now ! I will update with images as they are added or eliminated for final exhibition.  Please comment and CC is welcome AND encouraged.  smoke_editedf for print (1 of 1) edit by marilyn yesenia3_8x10 yesenia2nd_8x10 yesen_smoking_8x10 nelson2nd_8x10 nelson_8x10_1st

more images... Help me decide final images

more images… Help me decide final images