These 3 images were shot previously but after deleting (No idea how) more than 300 images I shot last week. I decided to go back and choose better images.  I think these are clearer, sharper and the smoke shows better what do you think ?? CC welcome !

man smoking

man smoking

diane1st_8x10_102115 yesenibetter_8x10_102115

Smoke? What can I say ?! This is my portfolio subject for my final in my class.  How did I end up with this ? Well it was a transition from speed photography intent.  I practiced with all kinds of smoke like candles , matches and paper. Hundreds of “failed” images later I ended up with the intent to capture the “glamour” that was seen in the past with smokers.  I do not smoke but I am an ex-smoker.  I am fascinated by low key and capturing the romance of smoke now ! I will update with images as they are added or eliminated for final exhibition.  Please comment and CC is welcome AND encouraged.  smoke_editedf for print (1 of 1) edit by marilyn yesenia3_8x10 yesenia2nd_8x10 yesen_smoking_8x10 nelson2nd_8x10 nelson_8x10_1st

more images... Help me decide final images

more images… Help me decide final images


2 thoughts on ““Fume”

  1. Wanda you did an awesome job with these photos. I love the fact that your focal point (the smoke) was clearly shown in each photograph. Keep up the great work. I’m so proud of you.


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