Serial Photography






OK. So serial photography as an assignment:   Have you heard of it ? I had not until it was assigned as one of our creative assignments in one of my classes at EFSC (Eastern Florida State College) . Now what is serial photography ?

Amazon describes it as : Using Themed Images to Improve Your Photographic Skills, focusing your photographic work on themes, objects, shapes, colors, and moods, rather than randomly searching for that one great shot.

Many others (including myself) would say this is one of the best ways to improve as a photographer.  In short, it is basically shooting with a theme then organizing them on a contact sheet for visualization.  It seems simple but it will get you thinking before you shoot.  You will search for a pattern and work for your images to be related.  I tried this with a few subjects since (as with every assignment) I could not make up my mind on what to shoot.  Now after shooting hundreds of photos at he last minute I decided I didn’t like any of them and shot for another theme looking for color.  The images shown are my final product and the last image is the contact sheet ( which I still think I could make better) . I had fun and was pleased with the results.  Now go out, SHOOT ! challenge yourself and show me your Serial photography !


peppers portfoliocontact_assign-23 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-31 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-33 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-34 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-35 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-36 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-39 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-41 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-44 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-45 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-46 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-47 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-48 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-50 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-52 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-53 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-54 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-55 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-56 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-58 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-60 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-63 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-71 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-18 peppers portfoliocontact_assign-21 contact sheet 2-1


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