What is my inspiration ?  I like the way my portfolio class professor puts it ” It’s what makes your heart stop” .  So I have made it a task to look for inspiration every day as I get to where I need to be and of course where I dream to be.  I have struggled in this journey and know the only way I will be at this wonderful destination is by all means shooting , shooting, shooting.  Now that being said and getting back to inspiration , I look for photos every day. Photos that inspire me, photos that stop my heart and make me get that wonderful feeling inside.  Below I share some of these images (none mine). What is your inspiration ?





Beautiful-Underwater-photography-1 ele-jin_underwater-photography-550x690 underwater dog underwater girl underwater underwater_elena_kalis59 underwater2 Underwater-photography-by-Rhea-Pappas watch

bottle low key brokenflwrs candle dog2 low key dog-low key face low key fall with pics fall fall-road1 hands low k Still Standing kalanchoe-in-high-key leaf low key chess



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